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Michael Oatman’s Model Citizens: Giant Size

August 11-October 22, 2006

Model Citizens was an exhibition and documentary video that united artists, model makers and hobbyists in the vicinity of four urban centers: Cambridge, MA, New Haven, CT, Bellows Falls, VT and the Capital District of NY. Curator Michael Oatman developed Model Citizens while questioning what promted others to work long hours on complex and patience-trying work.

Particpants: Gregory Bartlett, Karen Bernhardt, Roger Bisbing, George Bossarte, Jeff Brower, Stephanie Cramer, Peter Edwards, Joe Fig, Fim Finn, Daniel Fokine, Dick Freeman, Jim Gallagher, Danny Goodwin, Andy Gray, Erin Hennessy, Kristina Killar, Henry Quinn, Ken Ragsdale, Randy Regier, Karen Stack, Mark Williams, Bill Brown and the Student Interns of hte Eli Whitney Museum, The Rensselaer Model Railroad Union, American Precision Museum