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Natural Gestures

Anne Francey, Allyson Levy, Sunghee Park

April - December, 2014

In this exhibition, three artists use widely different mediums and styles to emphasize diverse elements of nature, and invite viewers to reflect upon the world outside the controlled environs of a modern airport. Allyson Levy uses layers of wax to adher and encase fragments of plants into patterns and densely packed arrangements. Suspended between representation and abstraction, Anne Francey's small, gem-like interpretations of leaves and flowers blend the observed world with the color and geometry of the imagination. Her distillation of objects in nature to their most basic contours is echoed in Sunghee Park's lithographs. In this series, the stark linear forms of raspberry canes arc and overlap in a winter landscape.

This exhibition was developed through a collaboration between its Art & Culture Program and the University at Albany's Curatorial Studies in Contemporary Art class. Under the guidance of William Jaeger and the Art & Culture Program staff, this group of students was challenged with all the particulars of exhibit production and gave them a unique opportunity to test their skills in a lively gallery setting.

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