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Night Train

William Gill

November, 2014 - October, 2015

Railroads are not particularly remote, nor are they rare – they run through most sizable towns in America. And while trains were once a central and necessary part of travel and commerce, they have now become one among many ways that people and products move from place to place. Their passage during the day is a fairly common sight, but at night, these massive engines and their cargo roll through the darkness, sometimes heard but seldom seen.

William Gill illuminates trains at night as they cross towns, rural farmland and waterways. To make these photographs, Gill considers train schedules, consults with landowners, and observes the terrain. After locating the best vantage point, in the dark, with gear in tow, Gill waits. In the moments of the train’s passage, the artist selectively lights portions of the scene, revealing vivid colors and details that the night would otherwise obscure.